Friday, 26 July 2013

Det lille Apotek: Big Beers and Small Toilets in Everyone's Favourite Toilet Country

Chances are you're stuck in a dusty office, sweating like a camel's arse and cursing the vile bastards who used to be your friends as they upload ever more glamorous Facebook pictures of themselves out shopping with giant gold credit cards, having brunch with their fifteen closest achingly cool and hilarious friends (who are inevitably seven hundred times more attractive than you), or riding a dolphin fuelled on crack cocaine through the Panama canal. Alternatively, you might be lucky enough to have time off. If you do, you might quite plausibly choose to spend your hard-earned holidays in everyone's favourite toilet country, Denmark. And you'd choose wisely!

Danish people, bless them, keep inviting us to weddings. They wouldn't if they knew of our history of photographing, and/or throwing up in, toilets, a habit which is reinforced by alcohol. But they don't, so they do. The Privy Counsel has, consequently, spent a fair amount of time checking out toilets in Hamlet's homeland. As regular readers will remember, we adore Danish toilets! We have therefore named Denmark "Everyone's Favourite Toilet Country". So that's official, now.

One place where we heeded the call of nature is called Det lille Apotek, in Copenhagen. As the name suggests, the facilities were indeed small. The location is exceedingly picturesque, though, and you can sit in the sunny street outside and take photos of yourself enjoying a beer, or a double whisky, or a stuffed bird served with roast potatoes, or whatever you might crave on a sunny afternoon in everyone's favourite toilet country.

Ever so charming! The logo on the receipt:
A moustachioed Danish man holding a plate with a bird on it.

This toilet stands on a raised dais and therefore qualifies as an actual throne.
The Privy Counsel is enthusiastic - nothing like a bit of glamour
when doing one's business!

Sink, bog-roll-holder, etc: after the giddy heights of the toilet/throne, the rest is rather a let-down. 

Drawings of Copenhagen crones in olden times.
Ah. So it's a crone throne.
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Det lille Apotek
St Kannikestræde 15
1169 København

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