Friday, 5 July 2013

HTFU, Melbourne City Council!

"A wee piece of Melbourne history is disappearing," according to an article in The Age, sent to us by Australian Friend. It appears the council (really, what is it with political bodies in Victoria?), whose coffers just aren't flush enough to maintain the city's historic toilets, is pulling the plug on them. Several old underground toilets have been filled with concrete, in a move that stinks of arrogance and contempt for the city's history. Many Melbournians are distraught to see their cultural heritage going down the drain, wishing the council hadn't crapped out with such a vandalous solution.

Concrete: the council didn't exactly think long and hard about this one.
Image from The Age.

One way to make good use of old public toilets is of course to turn them into amusing cafés. Australian Friend sends us this picture, from a café in London where she enjoyed a fragrant coffee the other day.

N.b. this coffee cup stands in an actual urinal
HTFU, Melbourne city council! If Londoners can do it, you can, too!

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