Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Highlights from Our Correspondence

We are blessed with having many friends here at the Privy Counsel, and said friends every now and then dispatch exuberant missives to us, to our (and your) great delight and edification. Obsessive Emmerdale Fan Friend, for instance, sent us the article about the woman suffering from a fear toilet rolls, which we tweeted hilariously about from our extraordinarily informative and witty Twitter account. The same friend also sent us the amusing article about Swedish politicians ordering men to wee sitting down, citing, apart from reasons of hygiene and prostate health, the argument that this will lead to a better sex life. Obsessive Emmerdale Fan Friend says, on this subject:
Hmm, but the thing is a lot of toilet seats in men's toilets you wouldn't want to sit down on (covered in wee, pubic hair and god knows what else!). Although Sweden's toilets are a LOT better than UK ones generally for this so maybe I can start a revolution. Really intrigued to see how it improves one's sex life! Prostate I can sort of believe but, unless you're having sex whilst peeing, I have no idea how this would be achieved!
And, on the topic of toilet roll phobia:
Digital Spy is what I use for all my Emmerdale gossip!!! The "odd news" section this article is in seems particularly addictive though - see the related article for the lady scared of uncovered toilet rolls! I thought of you!
[After we insisted on being a) not a lady, and b) not scared of uncovered toilet rolls, more wary:]
Yes, I meant not that you were like said lady but that you could probably identify with her on some level. I can see the Metro headline now: "[The Privy Counsel] troubled but NOT SCARED by uncovered toilet rolls!"

Bog rolls can be scary for many reasons.
Image from callprobest.com.
We have received similar communications from Semi-Intellectual Friend. It turns out that when it comes to toilets, Prince Charles... But it is almost too perverse to repeat. You'd better have a read yourselves, in this article from Wales Online.

The same, famously semi-intellectual, friend also sent us, in a fit of generosity we still haven't quite figured out how to handle the diplomatic repercussions of, a link to a video with most laudable sentiments about toilet roll. Watch from 20:33:

Festive video: Room 101 S13E08 HD

We couldn't agree more! Everyone knows there's a right way and a wrong way to hang toilet roll!

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