Sunday, 10 August 2014

Invaluable Life Advice from Uncle Sean

Turns out our bitterer-than-usual outpouring of angst yesterday caused worry and concern. Well, we'd just received a picture of Jonny in the bath - what the hell did you expect? To soothe the fears of our readers, however, let us reassure you that our troubles consist not so much of imminent doom and despair as of massive, multiple (and, we hasten to add, metaphorical) pains in the arse.

Let us therefore make amends for causing some of our friends to worry to the point where they were on the brink of packing a suitcase full of whisky and booking a plane ticket, by providing a light-hearted post full of, if not positively rampant joie-de-vivre, at least a decided conviviality.

We are grateful to Uncle Sean for this contribution. That connoisseur of quality urinals says:
To drive the point home, the advice is both bloody and painfully legible.

Mothers worry. Give her a ring, you prat.
Proving his worth as a toilet blog contributor, Uncle Sean follows up with the following eminent drinks bottle. (It's when you start taking pictures of random, only-tenuously-toilet-related things that you know you are an obsessive toilet perv and have definitely skidded to the wrong side of the sanity spectrum. Welcome to the club, Uncle Sean.)
Suggestive of the loo and by extension the flushable deposits therein, but all is a ruse, as the inspiration for the brew is a strongly masculine (but amusing) rock-n-roll podcast.

You were worried that there wouldn't be a festive video, weren't you? Well, tough shit - you worried needlessly!
The video is priceless for the advice, the scenery, and the passing images of wilderness toilets. Go Blue Bagging!

Festive video - Washington Trail Association, Do It Right: How to Poop in the Woods
(Read more here.)

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