Thursday, 24 December 2015

Balls! It's Christmas!

It is Christmas Eve! The day on which Christmas is celebrated in all right-thinking countries*, including Scandiwegia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Colombia!

We've got Christmas greetings from Uncle Sean, in the shape of some weird toilet pictures and a charming rhyme:
Here for [Christmas] a display of reflective art, far more preferable than a boom bounding ______. 
Eerie scenes to beautify the loo, far more appealing than that un-flushed ______.
Wasn't that refreshing? We do love the spoken and written word!

Next - behold these creepy toilet pictures! They appear to be full of spirits, and are therefore totally in keeping with the atmosphere at the Privy Counsel right now.

We don't actually know what is happening here.

Or here.

Not here either.


We also have a Christmas greeting from Jonny. That charming young ne'er-do-well says,

It's annoying how cute I look as a ‪#‎hipstersanta‬.

Jonny as hipster Santa.
 Do you agree, readers?

(Jonny is still single, by the way, despite being very popular with the type of wanton female who frequents this blog. If you find his rugged charms irresistible even after reading this lonely-hearts ad that we wrote for him a couple of years ago, do get in touch. Help us help our favourite bachelor to haul ass into human bondage!)

Another thing, before we bugger off to drink ourselves insensible and watch bad telly enjoy the wonders of Christmas. We have created a poll! In which you can vote! The thing you can vote for is not, unfortunately, "the cutting off of the hands of people who don't wash their hands when they've been to the toilet", "the locking up into damp prisons of people who make themselves guilty of mansplaining", or even "the obligatory inclusion of rum and Richard Armitage to all parties held at the Privy Counsel", but the twelve best bog blog posts of 2015!

Have a think: which Privy Counsel post did you enjoy most this year? Which was the most informative? Or most mindbogglingly horror-filled? Have three or four large glasses of whisky, and GET VOTING!

We have included some helpful suggestions of posts you can vote for, but you can add your own favourite candidate:


(Please note that you can only vote once. So have lots of whisky, and think carefully.)

Today's festive video is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "We should all be feminists" speech. It is longer than our usual festive videos, but then what is Christmas for, if not to get slowly woozy on one's favourite drink, read large works of history, and listen to the wise words of someone you admire?
Listen to this, and enjoy Ngozi Adichie's beautiful voice, dry humour, and dazzling wit!
Gaaah, we bloody love this woman!

Festive video - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We should all be feminists

*Please note that we joyously embrace the notion of not celebrating Christmas at all, or only including the pagan aspects, like drinking and eating too much, worshipping the sun, and/or having orgies.

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