Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Fine Example of Practical Danish Design

 We don't know where Semi-Intellectual Friend is right now, in a strictly geographical sense. Rumour has it he's partying with elephants and eating truckloads of peanut sauce in a humid environment. A little while ago, however, he was engaged in various nefarious activities and staying at a bed-and-breakfast in Copenhagen. We received a report saying,
 I think I've covered this particular toilet in a lot of depth already (is that ironic?) but here are a random bunch of pictures of the closet that I peed and then had a shower in. At least one is a little gross. Sorry. There are more but they're a little repetitive. If you want the address, it's the cunningly named A&C Clean, Central, and Convenient at Egilsgade 41,3, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark. It's owned by a nice woman called Carole.

An extremely compact bathroom

One has to admire the sheer bloody-mindedness of Semi-intellectual Friend's intrepid journalistic venture

Technically, yes, it's a mixer tap

It seems no detail is too small for Semi-Intellectual Friend

Edifying instructions for the shower

We found a description of this B&B online. It says,
The place is conveniently situated in Islands Brygge, a residential water-front district on the edge the city centre. [...] The WC/shower is shared and just a step from the rooms, and although small, it is a fine example of practical Danish design. Linen, soap and towels are included. [...] Warm and friendly welcome. Environmentally friendly household. Secure cellar for cycle storage.

We have no idea how many points to award, so we'll probably just leave it. If you're in Copenhagen and have some time to spare today, maybe go counsel the mermaid.

The Little Mermaid. Does she look harassed to you? Image from Cityknown

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