Saturday, 15 September 2012

Trains, Sweat and Fears

 We promised you a report on our recent encounter with a French train, and here it is. We have no major complaints except that 1) it was pretty smelly, and 2) the toilet paper ran out almost immediately (slightly awkward on a four-and-a-half-hour journey when one is hungover).

We approve of sturdy mechanical locks, harbouring a deep-seated distrust of the electronic locks on modern trains, which always seem to be malfunctioning. This train toilet had no coat hook, but if one were able to overcome one's OCD, one might have been able to hang one's bag from the door handle.

To our, we admit, delighted surprise, there was both water and soap!

There was even a toilet-seat-sanitising-gel-holder! And a festive butterfly wall design!

The toilet seat itself. You have to hold the flush button in for three seconds,
but at least there's a sticker telling you to do so in four languages.

Most soothing wall decorations

When one has seen the train, one understands why it takes four and a half hours
to get from Nice to Montpellier... Image from Soundlandscapes

Although we were at times both sweaty and uncomfortable, the view was spectacular all the way!
Image from
 These toilets get about -3 points. But the journey was extremely memorable!

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