Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Coming Clean with the Privy Counsel

Despite our confident claim the other day, it is demonstrably not Monday any more. Nonetheless, we've been working hard for your benefit today, trying to find out which cubicle really is the cleanest. If you read Monday's post you will be familiar with the claim that the first in a row of cubicles will be the least used, and therefore cleanest. While this sounds fairly likely, we at the Privy Counsel do not content ourselves with mere hearsay (except, of course, in the case of Jack White. Sorry about that - we really tried). So we did some pretty hardcore researching, only to find several thousand sites all repeating the same "facts" without mentioning a source.
After throwing a massive, frustrated tantrum, we finally reconciled ourselves to this sad state of affairs, at least for the time being. Then we found this very amusing video of a lady demonstrating how to clean a toilet. Whatever your troubles today, we promise that this will cheer you up!

How to Disinfect a Toilet Bowl -- powered by ehow

Actual caption for this photo: "Cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush
really did make me feel better." Image from Since My Divorce

That's right. If you haven't already developed debilitating OCD, maybe you should? You most likely will, if you read this article on how to REALLY clean your toilet.

You might also find this whimsical article, about how to sanitise your toilet brush, entertaining.

(To prove to you that the tiresome old proverb is true and that things really could be worse, we found ourselves thinking, when watching the video, "OMG, she didn't just touch the tap after touching the toilet?! Now she has to sanitise the tap!!! And the kitchen roll - oh, Christ!! And she cleans the seat LAST! With the effing TOILET BRUSH!" Any thoughts on your own personal hygiene-related panic attacks, feel free to share.)

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"This is hell. I wish I'd read that weird toilet blog more carefully." Image from Babybanter.

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