Friday, 21 September 2012

Waltzing around Amalienborg

As far as we know, everyone loves Denmark. Especially Australians. Australian Friend was very excited by a visit to the Amalienborg Palace Museum in Copenhagen - after all, Crown Princess Mary is from Tasmania! (Read more about Crown Princess Mary here.) Our call at Amalienborg didn't include any proposals of marriage from members of the royal family (this time), but we did find time to check out the excellent toilets, in between admiring Queen Margrethe's fabulous dresses and harassing the royal guard.

Amalienborg palace and the royal guard. Just so you know, you're not allowed
to go closer than one metre to the strapping young men, however cute the hats. Image from Dkibenelux

Amalienborg Palace Museum: clean, functional and hygienic

Relax, everyone - there is absolutely no danger of running out of toilet paper!

We like everything. Except the uncovered rolls of tissue stacked on the floor.
Credit for the amount of spare bog roll, though - respect!

We love this

And this: ventilation!
This royal toilet is a ten-pointer!

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Amalienborgmuseet | Christian VIII's Palæ | 1257 København K

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